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Softwox Pine Pitch

Softwox Pine Pitch is a black, dark brown viscous liquid derived by destructive distillation of pine wood. It has a pungent, smoky, leathery, asphalt-like smell. Also called wood pitch, it is a complex mixture composed of thousands of individual components, including aromatics, phyto hydro carbons, resin, terpenes and other bituminous elements. It is a natural antiseptic, antimicrobial and germicide. We deal in all grades of pine pitch, and due to the specific demands of the rubber industry, we have a manufacturing facility for pine pitch as well.


  • Pine Pitch is mainly used as the softening solvent in rubber industry, construction material and special paints.
  • Pine Pitch is consumed by manufacturers of reclaim rubber, belting, mechanical rubber goods, rubber mats, tubing, and other unique applications.
  • It is used in Reclaim rubber, Belting industry, V-Belts, Conveyor Industry.
  • It is used in compounding of natural and synthetic rubber and reclaiming operations as excellent tackifier, softener and plasticizer.
  • It is used as general softener and devulcanized agent in rubber industry.
  • It is also used in wood rot proof industry.

Application: It is widely used in reclaimed rubber

Packing: The product is packed in 200 kg barrel.

Typical Properties

Appearance : Dark brownish viscous liquid
Odor : Woody Pine
Packing : 200 kg barrel
Boiling Point : 150° - 400° C
Flash Point : 90° - 120° C