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ERT, established in 2011, is producer of rubber reclaiming agent. The company rich in technical expertise, enjoys strong reputation in global market. Company is serving clients worldwide with its product. ERT supply best quality and eco- friendly reclaiming agent to its customers, help them to work out superior reclaim rubber solutions and more efficient way to meet every changing demands of their terminal products as well as improve their competitiveness and bottom-line profitability.

Elastomax 13th generation reclaiming agent, the latest & upgraded addition in market is commonly known as rubber activator, Currently serving 80% of Indian market, is also catering to markets of Brazil, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam & many more. Company is currently looking for Partnership across globe & therefore is currently upgrading & bringing more advanced product. Company is known for its quality & timely service worldwide. Company also provides products in different packings as per requirement of customers.

About Reclaiming agent

Elastomax 13th generation reclaiming agent is used as a chemical catalyst in process of making reclaim rubber. Our product is different from any other reclaiming agent available in market and best in terms of quality and pricing. It is most effective regenerative for natural & synthetic rubber waste & its blends. The Company aims at providing professional, excellent & continuous service to its esteemed customers.